What Can Cause Carpet Water Damage?

Carpets are an essential and important part of our homes. Carpet comes in different size and designs. Most often they are used to provide comfortable ground to our feet and to insulate the floor from cold or heat. Carpets are like a magnet which attract stains and get dirty very easily. Carpet water damage is a serious problem on which you should take and act immediately. Since water and moisture can cause germs and bacteria to infect other side moulds and algae are very common infestations on the carpet too. This infestation of carpet can lead to different disease and allergies. Keep in mind to follow proper carpet water extraction process and get your wet carpet cleaning done regularly.

Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage

Given Below Are The Causes That Lead To Carpet Water Damage:

Rainwater Or Snowfall

  • Rainwater is the biggest danger to our homes.
  • Rainwater accumulates on our roofs and can penetrate our homes through walls and ceilings.
  • Proper drainage of terraces should be maintained properly. Keep in mind your doors and windows should be closed tightly.
  • If you see any leakage of water from ceilings and all, you should fix it instantly and seal the patch before any damage can occur.
  • Water may spoil the carpet drop by drop if left unnoticed and can cause carpet water damage.
  • Instant carpet water extraction should be carried out if rainwater flooding happens.
  • Otherside if you see snowfall also can cause ice crystals to settle on carpets and ceilings, humidity in the air too can lead to carpet water damage.
  • These ice crystals will melt in future and cause carpet water damage.

Plumbing And Drainage

  • Plumbing is important for the movement of water inside our homes and drainage helps in removal of used or dirty water.
  • Plumbing pipes should be inspected regularly for cracks or leakages.
  • Any damage to the pipes may lead to bursting pipes which cause water to flood inside our interiors.
  • Any clogging up will cause dirty unhealthy water to overflow to your homes and thereby compromising your hygiene and sanitization.
  • This may cause carpets to soak a lot of water and can become the cause of carpet water damage.
  • Professional carpet cleaning services can be hired for carpet water extraction and deodorization.
Carpet Water Extraction

Carpet Water Extraction

Overflowing Or Leakages

  • Washing machines and dishwashers are the common sources of water inside our interiors.
  • It leads to the overflow of water and may cause carpet water damage.
  • Never operate these machines in your absence and make sure that you get them serviced regularly.
  • The air conditioner is also a great concern for carpet water damage.
  • Moisture slowly builds up inside the AC and which can accumulate inside and can overflow causing carpet water damage.
  • Make sure you get your air conditioners serviced from time to time and always check the other appliances of any leakages.

Gutter And Sewage Problems

  • Clogged gutters and improper sewage systems can cause unhealthy dirty water to overflow and flood into your homes.
  • This water is not only gross but is extremely dangerous as it carries harmful pathogens too.
  • Your carpet can accumulate this water with pathogens and put your family at a huge risk of serious diseases.
  • Make sure you routinely check your gutters and sewage for any blockages or leakages.
  • Professional carpet cleaning services should be called in case of any gutter overflow or flooding for carpet water extraction and required sanitization.
Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Hire Professionals

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