Tips to Consider for Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber floors are going in trend in today’s world. The new generations are fond of the materials that give an astonishing look to the house. Sanding the timber floors is known as an effective method for providing the new looks to the floors. The process of Floor Sanding and Polishing should be handled by the specialists of floor sanding. DIY sanding of the floor can ruin the beauty as well as the shine off the floor. There are many tips that can be considered for the floor sanding of timber floors. Here are mentioned some of the tips that can be followed for getting a flawless floor.

Floor Sanding and Polishing
Floor Sanding and Polishing

Choosing Quality Equipment

The completion process of floor sanding requires two machines. Firstly, a person needs to have large belt sander for bulk sanding as well as edge sander for the areas that are close to skirting boards. A person may find many shops to buy these floors sanding equipments, but a person should not choose cheap items. A person needs to focus on the quality of equipment, not on the price of equipment of Floor Sanding and Polishing.

Preparing The Floor

Before starting the process of floor sanding, a person should not forget to remove all the furniture from the room. The curtains and blinds should also be removed as a person may produce much amount of dust. Usually, there is a tongue present on the floor and sanding on the tongue may lead not to repair of the floor.

Belt Sanding of The Floor

The most critical part for floor sanding process in belt sanding and this process is a three-stage process. A person needs to go for edge sanding after the completion of every stage.  A person needs to tilt back the belt sander before starting the belt sanding machine. This prevents the belt sander from rolling across the floor. A person should also slowly drop it down because quick dropping can risk of leaving chatter marks or gouging the floors. A person should sand at a steady pace to sand the floor evenly. A person should vacuum the floor and then apply edge sander near the skirting boards.

Edge Sanding of The Floor

It is important for a person to do edge sanding between the stages of belt sanding. A person should always use the same grits with the belt sander. A person also needs to overlap the edges of sanding area before edge sanding with the help of belt sander about 100-150 mm. The middle sanding of the floor should be avoided as it can leave swirl marks on the floor of the house. The edge sander level should be carefully done for perfect leveling.

Buff and Prepare to Polish

After sanding the floor, a person needs to buff it and polish it further. A person needs to be sure about that the floor is dust free and clean. A person should carefully do vacuuming of the floor as keeping the vacuum on the floor can leave behind the marks.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services
Professional Floor Cleaning Services


The above-mentioned are 5 tips that should be followed for the Floor Sanding and Polishing of the floor. And If you are on the hunt for Best Tile and Floor Cleaning service provider, then Neat N Clean can be your best bet. We also provide free quotation for our services and even can reach your place on the same day of booking.

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