How Do You Get The Smell Out Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

Nobody would like to rest on their mattress if there is an unpleasant odor coming out of it. After all the stress and heavy work, people would love to rest on their mattress, so it is vital to keep your mattress away from the bad odor and stains.

Sometimes, people would clean their mattress regularly, in spite of that there would a bad odor coming out of it. At that time, all you will have to do is following small tips and tricks. So here are a few of them for you to follow,

Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning

Applying Borax:

  • When you find the terrible odor coming out of the mattress because of the stains, then you can make use of borax powder.
  • You will have to take a bowl, pour lukewarm water in it. Post that you will have to mix the borax powder in the water.
  • Pour the solution inside a spray bottle and then spray it wherever required. Borax powder works very effectively to remove all the bad odor and stains from the Mattress Stain remover.
  • The borax powder can be found easily in the laundry shop, you can apply the solution in a minimal quantity and then start blotting it or gently rubbing it in a circular motion.
  • This technique will help you in a significant manner to get rid of all those stains and odor. Make sure you use a clean cloth to remove all the stains and odor.
Mattress Stain Removal
Mattress Stain Removal

Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • When the stain is also intense and there is a strong odor coming out of it, then you can make use of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Hydrogen peroxide will work effectively to remove the stains and also the odor. Hydrogen peroxide is proved to be a handy cleaning product.
  • You can mix hydrogen peroxide in warm water and then start rubbing the solution on the stains. By following this procedure you can remove the stains and odor easily and quickly.
  • So, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best mattress cleaners that you can use.

Tips to Know:

  • Baking soda is another strong cleaning product with the help of which you can get rid of that bad odor.
  • Baking soda will be available easily at home, it is also available in many Store of Mattress Steam Cleaning.
  • You can just mix the baking soda powder in the warm water and then start using it on the stains.
  • Baking soda would help your mattress in a great way to get rid of all the stains and odor.
  • Try using baking soda as such in the powder form also without mixing it in water. If there are stains, you can use baking soda solution.
  • You can also make use of baking soda powder as such without mixing it in water. Just spray the powder on the mattress, it would help your mattress to get rid of the putrid odor.
Mattress Steam Cleaning
Mattress Steam Cleaning

You can make use of a Neat N Clean Mattress Cover, so that you will face a little of this kind of situations.

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